The World Bank

The Resilience Research Centre is pleased to provide consultation in the development of the Education Resilience Approaches (ERA) program – an initiative of the Education Department of the World Bank’s Human Development Network (HDNED).

The ERA program works to strengthen the capacities of education systems operating within situations of crisis and adversity. It seeks to provide these systems with the analytical and planning tools they need to create education services that are resilient to surrounding risks and challenges. These tools are designed to help education communities:

  • Understand their threats;
  • Diagnose their needs;
  • See opportunities for positive change;
  • Collect evidence to support their goals, indicators, gaps, and objectives; and,
  • Become informed on successful models and best practices for education resilience.

The ERA program is using a resilience lens to guide their analytical and planning processes. The resilience approach recognizes the inherent ability of students, organizations, and communities to carry on amidst adversity, recover from crisis, and have the capacity to positively transform themselves and their environments despite the challenges they face. While recognizing the essential need to address and eradicate the adversity threatening communities and their education systems, the education resilience approach works to empower these systems and the people they serve to succeed even amidst overwhelming adversity.

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